Remember That Time Poem

In class today we had to write a poem about a memory from the holidays and this is mine.

Remember That Time

Inspired by Marci Ridlon


Remember that time

You walked the Fern Burn track in Wanaka, New Zealand

And the gentle breeze swept across your face

Remember the beech forest that played host to hundreds of native birds

tuis, bellbirds, fantails and tomtits

And the soft sound of the gentle creek below

Remember the dappled light glowing on the forest floor?

And the feel of the ground when you tripped over the roots of the trees

And the touch of chilly mountain water on your lips as it trickled down your throat replenishing your energy?

Remember the feeling of emerging from the beech forest into the hut and looking at the snow capped mountains surrounding you

While you climbed around in the tussocks, remember the hum of cicadas

Remember the frosty grass and leaves crunching under your feet as you began your walk back to the carpark?

And the sound of the sheep, persistent, piercing and head splitting

And the overwhelming feeling as you approached the carpark

That was your holiday


By Ben O’Sullivan

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